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After Extra Time Shirts (AET for short!) offer football fans football jerseys from years gone by and help them find their top at a competitive price.

The guys behind AET Shirts love all things football and are often found ground hopping to new games & grounds while supporting clubs over the UK!

Their twitter page is where most of the action happens. On here you’ll find a whole host of football knowledge, regular book reviews and recommendations, and of course get to see all their amazing football shirt finds as they happen.

So… what are you waiting for?! Head over to @AETshirts and start picking out your next purchase!

After Extra Time Shirts Logo

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Who do AET Sponsor?

AET told us that they like goalkeepers and have a bit of a thing for beards! Truth be told we’re not a particularly beardy team… so they got Reidy our number 1 goalkeeper. Here’s hoping he does them proud and keeps lots of clean sheets this season!!

Conor Reid – Sponsored by AET Shirts

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