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About Mozza Gaming

Mozza Plays (also known as Derek!) is a streamer, podder & modder and is interested in all things football.

A @BSCGlasgow club ambassador, @RouteOneGG founder, co-host of  @OfficialCatchup and a @FootballManager researcher we’re pretty sure that he knows his stuff when it comes to all things football.

The best thing to do if you want to find out more about Mozza gaming is to give him a follower as that’s where you’ll find out all the latest news on what he’s up to, what content he’s been creating and when he’ll be streaming next!

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Who do Mozza Plays Sponsor?

Mozza Plays sponsor Robert Anderson one of our attacking players. They were looking for someone with a bit of a personality and who might score a few goals so we recommended Boab.

Robert Anderson – Sponsored by Mozza Plays

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