Player Handbook

This page has the info covered in our player handbook. It contains all the information you need to know for the season ahead. From fixtures to discipline, supporters to winning MOTM this sets out the direction we want to take the club to become a successful team!

About Us

Dennistoun Thistle is a men’s amateur football club in the east end of Glasgow. We want to create a winning football club that has a good attitude on and off the field. We want to play good football, encourage health (both physical and mental), fitness and friendship through football and support the local community whenever possible. 

Expectations of players


  • Don’t be a dick! Respect your fellow players, opposition, the referee, venue staff and spectators.
  • No bitching, no moaning! We are a team – the club comes before any individual or ego. Squads will rotate, everyone will get subbed from time to time, and as agreed when we take a squad of 18 on matchdays not everyone will get on the pitch.
  • Speak up. This club belongs to all of us, so if you have any ideas on how to improve something, or there’s something you’re not happy about let us know.
  • Respect the ref. While it’s unlikely you’ll agree with all their decisions dissent is taken very seriously in the SECL. You are more use to us on the park than being sent off it, so if you can’t say anything nice – zip it!
  • No train, no game. If you’re fit and uninjured you should be at training more often than not. Failure to train when others in the team are will result in you being benched or not making the squad. Exceptions to this must be discussed with the manager/coach.
  • Show up on matchdays. If you say you are available for a game then make the game. No shows are not fair on your teammates.
  • Be a good sub. If you’re on the side you must follow the same rules as all other spectators, oh and collect stray balls, that shouldn’t be our spectators job!
  • No smoking, no drinking. The terms of let do not allow this within the venue and neither will our oppositions, breaking this could get us kicked out of the league.
  • Get involved. in fundraising, in marketing, in making the club as good as it can be.
  • Do good. over the course of the season, the club will be supporting good causes and it would be great if you want to get involved too. (see rule 9.)

Also – familiarise yourself with the SAFA constitution and the SECL Constitution, which has additional rules, particularly related to discipline you should be aware of.


Discipline in the team is important. Too many cards result in player suspensions, bans and if we reach a certain points threshold, hefty fines for the club. To ensure that we’re all thinking about our behaviour the club has decided that for some offences fines will be given to the players.These fines are as follows:

  • Yellow card for dissent – £3
  • 5 yellows – £5 fine
  • No show – £5 fine
  • Red (2 Yellows) – £3 fine if second yellow for dissent, otherwise the club will pay the fine.
  • Straight Red – £10

MOTM Awards

A MOTM will be picked by our opposition at each game in the SECL. If during the season we play friendlies MOTM will be picked by either the referee or the manager/coach. The MOTM will receive a prize and a shout out on social media. The player who wins the most MOTM awards at the end of the season will win a prize at our POTY awards and their sponsor will win £100.

On the sidelines

We’d love to see as many of your friends, family, Dennistoun locals, members of the church and more along to support us as often as possible! This is important for helping us build a support network around the team who will help us both financially and be our 12th man on matchdays.
Due to the letting agreement with Glasgow Community Letting and Rules of the Churches league – all players and spectators follow these rules. If you bring spectators it is your responsibility to ensure they know these rules.

  • No Smoking or drinking alcohol within the pitch area
  • Spectators must not abuse or threaten players, opposition, other spectators or venue staff at any time
  • Spectators must not abuse or threaten the referee at any time
  • Stand back from the side of the pitch so not to impede the referees view and to reduce their own risk of injury
  • Please tidy up all rubbish – bin it or take it away

Failure by spectators to abide by these rules will lead to them being asked to leave.
Failure by Dennistoun Thistle to implement the rules could result in our let being terminated and us not having a home pitch, or disciplinary action by the SECL.

Your Committee

The following are members of the Dennistoun Thistle committee:

Chris Irving – Chairperson/Team Manager

Main role is to create a winning team! Player selection and signings with support from other committee members, anything relating to running the team.

Laura Mackenzie – Club Secretary/Treasurer

Main role is running the club. Paperwork, finances, fundraising, marketing, events, sponsorship, contracts, kit, equipment, charity/community reachout etc.

Chris Savage – Team Rep

Main role is to provide a voice for the team back to the committee. If anyone has something they can’t bring to the committee themselves then speak to Sav. He’ll also support coaching and training at times.

The Committee will meet regularly and any decisions made will be communicated back to the team.

Plans for the year/Objectives of the Club:

Over the course of the season the club not only wants to win football matches, but also integrate ourselves into the local community. We want to work with local businesses, support good causes and build a relationship with St Andrews East Church. This will help raise our profile, grow our supporters, help us with fundraising and ensure the longevity of the club.

We’ll also create as good an environment for the players as possible by getting our coaches trained up to standard, getting fitness and training experts in when necessary, and of course having team social events! The year will end with a POTY awards dinner to reward everyone for their efforts throughout the season.

Our League:

Dennistoun Thistle will be playing in the Strathclyde Evangelical Churches League (SECL) for season 19/20. We’ll be entering at Division 2.

  • There are 11 teams in the league this season so there will be 20 league games
  • We are also taking part in the 2 cups associated with SECL

To find out more about the league visit

Home pitch

Whitehill High School, Dennistoun
Surface: 3G
Address: 280 Onslow Dr, Glasgow G31 2QF
Parking: On street parking and a car park at Glasgow Club Whitehill across the road

Training Let

Whitehill High School, Dennistoun
Every Tuesday
7.45pm – 9pm
Surface: 3G
Address: 280 Onslow Dr, Glasgow G31 2QF
Parking: On street parking and a car park at Glasgow Club Whitehill across the road


The cost for players is £40 per month (Training £5 per session and Matches £5 per game)
This can be paid monthly or weekly.
Payment can be made in cash at sessions or via bank transfer or PayPal
Bank Account: Dennistoun Thistle AFC
Account No: 00295222
Sort Code: 83 19 34
PayPal –

Please let Laura know if you set up a regular online payment.

*We don’t want money to be a barrier for our players attending, so if you do have any issues with paying to play then speak to Laura and we will do our best to get something sorted.

Player Insurance

All signed players are covered by Sportsguard Insurance Policy documents are available to view on request.
If you need to make a claim please see Laura.


See all our fixtures here.

Squad communication

If you’re part of the squad you should be in the Whatsapp group to make sure you’re kept up to date on everything – if you’re not,  speak to Chris and he’ll add you in. 

Also – please follow us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Just search for Dennistoun Thistle and you’ll find us! Use #DennistounThistle or #MonTheDenny in posts to help us with reach. If you mention us then we’ll share your content too!