Meet the Denny Squad

We’re a diverse bunch of people with a shared love of football.  If you want to get to know us better check out our coaching team and player profiles! You’ll also find the MOTM and top goalscorer tables below for season 19/20.

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Chris Irving Manager

Meet the Squad

Chris Irving
Sponsored by: Celia Mackenzie

Alexander Hunter (C)
Up front
Sponsored by: Sandy Nicoll

Jordan Penny (VC)
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Conor Reid
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Charles Evans
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Duncan Allan
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Ross Scobie
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Chris Savage
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Gerard Dawson
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Declan McGraw
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Michael McAllen
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Kurt Scobbie
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Marc Johnston
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Robert McAllen
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Jason Jenkins
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Sean Tidser
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Paul McCluskey
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Nicol McNamara
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James Gaitens
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Robert Anderson
Up Front
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Josh Gray
Winger/ Up front
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Jamie Cameron
Up Front
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Craig Paterson
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Alex Cumlin
Up front
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Dillon Kelly
Up front
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James Martin
Up Front
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MOTM Awards

The following have won MOTM awards so far this season:

(Friendlies not included)
Last updated: 20 January 2020

Player Name MOTM Awards
(Opposition Choice)
MOTM Awards
(Manager Choice)
James Gaitens 4
Aldo Hunter 3 3
Josh Gray 3 1
Robert Anderson 2 1
Sean Tidser 2 1
Jordan Penny 1 2
James Martin 2
Conor Reid 2
Mick McAllen 1
Duncan Allan 1
Lucas Gallacher 2


The following players have hit the back of the net this season:
(Friendly goals do not count towards top goalscorer)

Last Updated: 20 January 2020

Player Name Goals – League Goals – Athol Cup Goals – Fraser Trophy Goals – Friendlies Total Goals
Aldo 11 7 1 4 19
Josh 5 5 3 10
Boab 4 5 9
Tidser 5 1 6
Jimmy 1 3 3 4
Dec 1 1 1 2
Alex 2 1 2
Gaitens 1 1
Penny 1 2 1
Jamie 2 2 2
Mick 2 2
Charlie 1 1
Paul 1
Paterson 1 1
Gerard 1
John 1 1
Lucas 5 5 3 10
Dills C 1
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